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County drafts pool finance plan

Tuesday, Jan. 13, 2015 — A new financing plan has been developed for the construction of a community swimming pool.

City administrator Jared Hancock and county administrative officer Richard Egan came up with a draft plan to be presented to both the supervisors and city council for discussion and input.

In December, the supervisors directed Egan to hire a financial advisor.

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Valley inmates may come to town

Tuesday, Jan. 13, 2015 — Inmates from Pleasant Valley State Prison in Coalinga, one of eight Central Valley state prisons hard hit by valley fever, could come to Susanville, the press secretary for the California Department of Corrections told the newspaper last week.

Fungus or mold spores that grow in the soil, become airborne and then infect the lungs cause the disease. Most people exposed to the spores are not sickened and many recover on their own, but the disease never goes away.

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Transporting Bakken oil through county remains topic of concern

Tuesday, Jan. 13, 2015 — OnTuesday, Jan. 6, the board for the Clear Creek Community Services District listened during their regular meeting to a presentation from Larry Bradshaw on the dangers faced by communities near railroad tracks that are transportation routes for the shipment of Bakken oil by rail.

Bradshaw, a resident of Westwood, said in the fall of 2014 he had educated the board of directors for Westwood Community Services District about the issue and now was approaching other districts that serve communities along freight train routes. David Escobar of Westwood accompanied him.

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'Persons of interest' arrested in double homicide case

Dan McDonald
Managing Editor

 The Butte County sheriff’s office displays the firearms and drug paraphernalia that were concealed under G.D. Hendrix’s jacket when he was arrested Tuesday night. Photo courtesy Butte County sheriff’s office

Two people have been arrested as persons of interest in the Dec. 20 shooting deaths of Cromberg residents Mike and Olga Kroencke.

The Butte County sheriff arrested Berry Creek residents G.D. Hendrix, 44, and his mother, Lotta Hendrix, 67, Tuesday night, Jan. 6, at different locations in Butte County.

Acting on a tip, Butte County sheriff’s detectives responded to the Canyon Creek Store at 9607 Oro-Quincy Highway where they encountered G.D. Hendrix as he was leaving the store about 6:30 p.m.

Detectives ordered Hendrix to the ground. Hendrix reportedly yelled back and initially raised his hands. But he then lowered them down to his waist and reached under his jacket.

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Inmate murdered at local prison

Wednesday, Jan. 7, 2015 — High Desert State Prison is investigating an inmate's murder.

 The incident occurred on a yard at the prison Monday, Jan. 5 when an inmate attacked another inmate with a prisoner-made weapon. Staff recovered one inmate-manufactured stabbing weapon at the scene. No staff members were injured in the incident.

Inmate Guy Archini, 63, succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead Tuesday, Jan. 6.

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