Stone and Straw release a fabulous new album

Tuesday, March 3, 2015 — If most people were to run their grubby little paws through my music collection, they’d probably end up wondering who the heck are all these people?

Truth be told, I collect songwriters, the real artists behind the music. Oh, I’ve got some popular stuff, too. Why, I even bought a copy of Taylor Swift’s recent CD “1989” — not because I thought I’d enjoy another edition of her teenybopper country pop, but because frankly the 20-something songstress turned more than a million copies of that CD the week it came out. In fact, it was the best-selling album of the entire year. Very impressive, especially at a time when the public just doesn’t buy that many records anymore.

While I find Swift’s yet-another-guy-did-me-wrong confessions totally boring (not to mention, oh, and wow, I’m so glad I finally discovered New York and New York likes me), I was still curious about her big selling album. It’s all about the songs and thus my collection of songwriters. Even though most of her stuff’s not my cup of tea, she can write, and she deserves a place in my collection.

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