College continues repayment plan

Monday, March 23, 2015 — The Lassen Community College Board of Trustees unanimously voted to continue on their current repayment plan.

At the Tuesday, March 10 meeting, superintendent/ president Dr. Marlon Hall presented the board with the option to have a lower annual payment for the existing resolution agreement with the California Community College Chancellor’s Office, which started when the college was in violation.

“It’s a huge financial burden on the district,” said Hall.

In December, the board authorized college administration to enter negotiations to try and lower the $162,047 annual payment, with hopes the funds left over each year could be put toward improving the infrastructure on campus.

However, the payment was dropped to $125,000, saving about $37,000 on the institution’s budget. Administration hopes there would be a much larger portion saved each year.

“I’m recommending that we stay with what we have, because $37,000 can’t really repair what we need to repair on campus,” said Hall.

The board unanimously voted to continue with the original repayment plan, rather then have it continue another year.

The college administration had been trying to either reduce the annual payments or have it forgiven.

In September, chancellor Dr. Brice Harris spoke at the college’s fall convocation and answered questions.

Concerning the potential to forgive the repayment, he said, “I’m not prepared to make a commitment to take it away, but I am sure ready to talk about it.”


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