District needs state’s help to sort out watermaster issues

Tuesday, March 31, 2015 — Probably none of us here in conservative Lassen County wants to find himself or herself beholden to the liberal bureaucracy that is the state government in Sacramento. That’s a given.

But the Honey Lake Valley Resource Conservation District has allowed the watermaster service it has administered since 2008 under a Lassen County Superior Court decree to become a boil that must be lanced and the infection cleaned before any healing can begin.

The district terminated its contract with its deputy watermaster Feb. 25 — just three days before the irrigation season began. A representative from a Reno engineering firm appeared at that meeting, and apparently the board was ready to consider hiring the firm to administer the watermaster service. Perhaps because of the contentious nature of that meeting, the firm said it would not be interested in serving as the watermaster in Lassen County.

Then, just five days later — March 2 — the board approved an addendum to the contract it had terminated to bring the deputy watermaster back for 30 days while it explored other options.

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