Remember When for Feb. 3, 2015

125 years ago

Sheriff Cady arrested Ben Smith, of Susanville, for disturbing the peace. He pleaded guilty before Justice Blake and was fined $30. Smith was arrested again by Cady for disturbing the peace and resisting an officer.

At his trial before Justice Blake he pleaded guilty to the first offense and the second was wavered. Smith was sentenced to pay a $100 fine or serve 100 days in jail.

75 years ago

Lassen County received 6 percent of the total unemployment benefits paid by the state during 1939. The state distributed 18,368 checks for an aggregate payment of $220,978.01 to claimants in the county.

50 years ago

The unofficial returns of a $175,000 fire station bond election showed voters gave the measure the necessary two-thirds approval.

An unofficial tally showed that of 1,274 votes cast, there were 854 yes votes and 420 no votes.

35 years ago

Initial steps were taken to strengthen an ordinance prohibiting animals from running at large in the city by the Susanville City Council. The amendment to an animal-fowl ordinance made it a misdemeanor instead of an infraction for second-time violators.

25 years ago

Prison officials announced the state was preparing to move ahead with an environmental impact report on the proposed expansion of the California Correctional Center at Susanville. Probable impacts included education, housing, the judiciary, transportation and traffic, recreation and culture, as well as the facility’s impact on city and county finances.

20 years ago

Proposed plans for the Tuscarora Natural Gas Pipeline Project are flowing as smoothly as, well gas through a pipeline. No major protests were filed over a recently issued Draft Environmental Impact Report, however Maidu tribal leaders said extensive burial and artifact sites in Lassen County should be protected.

15 years ago

According to a state review, patients needing Lassen County’s Mental Health Department services last fall were in for a long wait for nothing at all.

But inquiries by the Times suggest the department’s delivery of services may be better now than it was five months ago when the review was completed.

10 years ago

The Lassen Municipal Utility District Board will continue to explore development of a hydroelectric project at the Arrowrock Dam near Boise, Idaho.

The board voted unanimously at its meeting to continue LMUD’s involvement in the project the board learned of in early 2001 when the utility agreed to help five Idaho irrigation districts study the feasibility of developing hydro-electric power production at the dam built in 1915.

LMUD reimbursed the irrigators roughly $126,000 of the $252,000 spent on an as-yet-incomplete feasibility study. The LMUD board authorized expenditure of up to $150,000 on the study.

Last year

Three members of the newly formed Honey Lake Valley Recreation Authority, members of the public and the media met at Roosevelt Pool to take a field trip to the top-three proposed sites for a community swimming pool.

Jared Hancock, the executive director of the authority, called the meeting to order. Board members Brian Wilson, Nicholas McBride and David Meserve attended the meeting. Board member Larry Wosick was unable to attend and board member Jim Chapman had another meeting to attend.


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