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Wosick addresses residency

Tuesday, March 18, 2014 — During a recent meeting, one county supervisor took the opportunity to address his commitment to the community and his temporary resident status.

For the benefit of his constituents and the numerous community members he represents on various committees, Larry Wosick, who represents district 3, said he wanted to address “something that was unfortunately made big news” in a recent edition of the newspaper, regarding his eligibility.

“For some reason this becomes a point of contention and some people just can’t get over the fact that we have more than one residence. We do have two homes and one is outside of the district. That is not a secret, it was mentioned in my campaign, especially after I won my seat.”

“And it’s true, in order for my kids to compete and follow their dreams in sports and me to follow my dreams and serve the county that for 16 years I’ve called home and I’m deeply committed to, we do live somewhat of a split life and it’s not easy, it’s difficult, but we do it. They’re doing what they want to do and in the next 9-1/2 months I’ll continue what I set out to do,” he said.

Wosick was elected in 2010, but according to county election updates, he will not be seeking re-election.

He said Lassen County has been home. This is the place where his children have learned to ride bicycles and motorcycles, learned how to ski and have attended Janesville School during the years and his son was enrolled last year.

“I think my commitment to Lassen County speaks volumes where my home is. For 14 years I’ve dedicated myself, I’ve dedicated my time, money, energies to promoting the county and being the best citizen I know how to be and its been a great learning, challenging and growing experience, but that speaks volumes where Larry Wosick lives,” he said.

He explained he is currently living in a temporary residence and he knew it would be an issue so he looked into it beforehand.

County counsel Rhetta VanderPloeg quoted the secretary of state’s web site, which says the voter registration should always reflect the current residence. However, if a person moves from their home into a temporary residence, he or she can continue to use prior permanent residence where they are registered to vote as the address for the purpose for voting.

            “And his voter registration is his qualification for being supervisor in his district,” VanderPloeg said. “That addresses spot on what Mr. Wosick is going through.”


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