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Police chase leads to arrest

Friday, July 11, 2014 — A Susanville man is in custody after leading officers from the California Highway Patrol and the Lassen County Sheriff’s Office on a 21-minute, 21.5-mile chase.

Officers took Jason D. Olsen into custody without incident about 6:51 p.m. Thursday, July 10 on Highway 395 near County Road A-25.

For the complete story, see the July 15 issue of the Lassen County Times.


-2 #6 rhondaheart 2014-07-15 04:29
FUNNY-how the people that always comment BASHING local law enforcement would never think of putting their lives on the line protecting and serving their own community-you think you could do a better job? sign up for the academy-
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-4 #5 David Parks 2014-07-13 04:17
You can tell when the Thugs are mad at all of us when we get a minus for our speaking the truth. They also patrol this web along with the good folks.. Dont worry.. Law Enforcement follows this web to. They pay attention to Thugs actions.
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+1 #4 the unreal admode 2014-07-13 00:30
So what's wrong with the Keystone Cops? Don't they study the science of forensics?
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-9 #3 the real admode 2014-07-12 22:06

Quoting admode:
Because they are foolish! It's like the Keystone Cops here...... Just a bunch of wannabes!
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-7 #2 Read Further 2014-07-12 06:12
Great job to the Lassen County Sheriff's Office, it was reported elsewhere that they were the ones who found the vehicle in the first place. Come on LCT why does SusanvilleStuff always make you look foolish
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-9 #1 David Parks 2014-07-12 02:50
Great job officers of The CHP. We the citizens truely appreciate your great training and hard work as Law Enforcement. Keep up the good work.
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