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Lassen County dismissed as defendant in Grace Foundation case

Monday, Aug. 4 — A $20 million lawsuit against Lassen County has been dismissed.

County Administrative Officer Richard Egan said an Orange County Superior Court judge made the decision today, Monday, Aug. 4. The lawsuit has been dismissed with prejudice meaning Beth DeCaprio, executive director of The Grace Foundation, will not be able to re-file the case.

All other defendants including Wells Fargo, Bank of America and the banks’ former attorney Tim Ryan were also dismissed.

The closure comes after a two-year legal battle with DeCaprio.

In 2011, The Grace Foundation took in horses from Whispering Pines on Highway 36 and DeCaprio said caring for the horses was bankrupting the organization. She also alleged the horses were turned over to her illegally.

She filed the lawsuit in El Dorado County in July 2012, but the case was moved to Orange County after it was determined it could not be heard fairly. 


+3 #1 Judge Dread II 2014-08-05 23:59
Can you believe it? $20 million saved simply because 2 people were not elected to the Board of Supervisors. They continue to claim they represent the public and wanted to give this money away. These 2 complain about the board's bad judgement but at least this board said no to this and the Judge did his job.
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