We want to print your local news, photos

Tuesday, March 11, 2014 — If I may be so bold as to speak for my fellow workers in the newsroom here at the Lassen County Times, each week we dedicate ourselves to serving you, our readers. And now I want to take the opportunity to ask you to help us better serve our readers and our community.

Our work week seems to start slowly on Monday, and then it accelerates to a whirlwind as the week gets older on Thursday (our deadline day). And that whirlwind turns into a tornado on Friday when we actually put the paper together. We’re used to those deadlines and weekly pressures, but apparently some members of our community are not.

Generally our deadline for all things news (except when we have a short deadline due to a holiday or some other special event) is noon on Thursday. If some special event is on your group’s or organization’s horizon, get the information to us and we’ll help you get the word out. That’s what we do.

Frankly, I don’t know if it’s more frustrating to me or to a member of an organization who calls on Monday morning trying to get something into the paper on Tuesday.

We’re happy to publish your photographs and press releases about local groups and organizations. We have a small staff producing the newspaper, so it’s not possible for us to attend every event in the county. Sometimes we ask organizers if they can take a photograph or two for us, and then we can follow up with an interview and write a story.

If you’ll work with us, we’ll work with you and get your news out to the public.

It’s not unusual for us to hear from those putting on events about how a story or photograph in the paper can have a dramatic effect on attendance at their event or the community’s awareness of their project.

We encourage nonprofit groups to send us information for our At a Glance section. We also encourage readers to send us Letters to the Editor, and we’re especially interested in your opinions about local events. Let your voice be heard.

We also extend an invitation to the leaders of government agencies or similar institutions to submit a Where I Stand opinion piece about matters of local interest.

We’re also interested in publishing your wedding announcements or photographs of those having anniversaries.

We’re all about our local community. When you open up the Lassen County Times, as a rule you won’t see stories about the president, the congress or Sacramento unless there’s some local angle.

But you will see stories about the city council, the board of supervisors and our communities.

Our focus is on you — the people of Lassen County. If you have any comments, suggestions, story ideas or just want to talk about the paper, give me a call at 257-5321.

The simple truth is something is going to be in the paper, and if you work with us, it could be you.

Thanks to all our readers and our advertisers. We’ll continue to produce the best product we can for you every week.

And hey, one reader stopped by last week and dropped of a $100 bill in response to the newspaper’s voluntary subscription notice. He said he’d been reading and enjoying the paper for many years and wanted to help. Thank you so much for your support. We really do appreciate it. 


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