Paper plays role of moderator during election season

Tuesday, April 22, 2014 — Much of the feedback we get from readers isn’t in response to stories written by our reporters, or even opinions we offer in this column. The feedback is generated by our letters to the editor.

It is one of the most widely read sections of the paper.

With election season in full swing, the number of letters about candidates is naturally on the rise. This is a time when our letters page is often filled with fresh voices from people who aren’t regular contributors.

So this is a good time to go over our policy so letter writers will know the rules before they put their thoughts on paper.

First and foremost, the Lassen County Times has the final say about what gets published. It’s our job to not only encourage a lively debate but also to moderate it.

For the full Editorial and other opinions, read the Tuesday, April 29, 2014 edition of the Lassen County Times.


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