Remember When for June 23, 2015

125 years ago
    Locusts are numerous in some parts of the Honey Lake Valley, but no damage has been reported. The Native Americans were gathering around them and “Lo” will feast high now.

75 years ago
    Troy Emerson, a well-known and respected rancher of the Honey Lake Valley District, was appointed supervisor to complete the unexpired term of James Leavitt. Emerson succeeded interim supervisor, county engineer T.W. Oglive, to take charge of Road District No. 2.

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Remember When for June 16, 2015

125 years ago
    Many of the trout streams in the mountains of Lassen County reportedly were still too high for good fishing.
    D.D. Norvel, the sheep man, was in town Monday, and he reported continued cold weather in the mountains.
    There was a well-contested running race at the track between horses owned by Laine, Hart and Wilson. Laine’s animal won the race and the money.

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Remember When for June 9, 2015

125 years ago
    The two bridges over Susan Slough near Nat Homes’ place are in the course of construction and should be in shape for travel this week. Solider Bridge is still not established.

75 years ago
    Susanville’s airport, which had been more or less dormant in the past, was to be formally dedicated for public use with a two-day air show.
    In addition, 25 aviation-minded youths had qualified for enrollment in ground and air classes on aviation.
    The classes were part of emergency training for aviation credentials under the authority of the Federal Civilian Pilot Training Program to deepen the national defense and challenge totalitarian threats.

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Remember When for June 2, 2015

125 years ago

Frank Splan was tried for petty larceny before Justice Blake and sentenced to pay a $30 fine or spend 30 days in jail.

The evidence shown Splan borrowed a mule from Jim Elledge to ride to town. When he got to town he forgot to whom the mule belonged and sold it to Hi Saskin.

When the latter found out the mule did not belong to Splan, he had him arrested with the above result.

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Remember When for May 26, 2015

125 years ago
    Three short, fat and jolly tourists came over the mountains on buckboards and made Susanville lively for a few hours. Messieurs Lowenburg, Vascellin and Berstein were all shorter than five feet and each weighed more than 200 pounds.

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