Remember When for Aug. 12, 2014

115 years ago

An incredulous Nebraska jury handed down a remarkable verdict in a criminal trial. After a brief deliberation the jurors said “We the jury in the above named case do not believe one word that the witnesses have sworn to.

“Neither do we believe that any of the attorneys spoke the truth, nor that either of them could do so even if they should care to take the trouble to try.”

65 years ago

Floyd Smith, Susanville’s chief of police, urged residents to call the police quickly to curb a rash of assaults against women in town.

“Don’t wait to discuss it,” Smith said. “Call immediately.”

A woman was grabbed at the corner of Main and Gay streets and another was ordered to “come along quietly” as she walked down Richmond Road. A 26-year-old woman suffered a black eye and bruises when a strange man threw her down and attempted to rape her.

The woman said she “got in some good kicks, jabbed him with her knees and screamed” before she finally escaped the assailant.

40 years ago

When all else fails, blame it on the press. Bruce Herchensohn and Ronald Zeigler attacked the press and Congress for the woes hounding the Nixon administration.

“The liberal bias of the press has gotten to everyone and has even affected me,” said Zeigler, the White House press agent. Herchenson called the House Judiciary Committee contemplating the impeachment of Richard Nixon “a kangaroo court.”

Many high-ranking officials in the Nixon administration were convicted of crimes surrounding the Watergate break-in and the subsequent cover-up and Nixon resigned rather than face an impeachment trial in the Senate.

25 years ago

The Susanville City Council approved an ordinance banning alcohol in all the city’s parks except Riverside Park, and closed all parks between the hours of 11 p.m. and 6 a.m.

Passage of the ordinance came in the wake of “fights for turf” in Memorial Park, which resulted in several brawls and stabbings.

20 years ago

Susanville garbage fees were expected to increase Oct. 1 due to a new city ordinance, allowing the city council to approve rate increases by resolution rather than by ordinance.

15 years ago

Could Miss Lassen County Amber Wood also reign as Susanville’s Rodeo Queen? The Lassen County Fair Advisory Board was scheduled to discuss and possibly take action “concerning the ability of Miss Lassen County to hold two titles,” according to the agenda.

Last year

Two juveniles were arrested and another was cited for violation of curfew after officers responded to a report of the three trying to enter parked vehicles.

As a result, the Susanville Police Department reminded community members to lock vehicles at night and to keep valuable out of sight.


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