These are a few of the stories you will find in this week's printed newspaper:

  • State aid sought for watermaster investigation
  • Utility discusses future rate increases
  • Lassen Community College honors Disability Awareness Month
  • Supervisors table Herlong property sale
  • Local resident wins Mini Miss California pageant

Remember When for Dec. 9, 2014

115 years ago

Merchants in Susanville must have been pleased with the holiday shopping rush as the paper reported “quite a good crowd of people from the valley were in town last Saturday, some of them doing their Christmas shopping.” According to the paper, shoppers came from Buntingville, Janesville, Standish and the Tules.

“The weather of the week has been at peace with the season,” the paper reported. “Monday a continuous rain fell all day, Tuesday and Wednesday were pleasant enough for May, except that Tuesday night gave promise of ice-making weather. Wednesday night, a slight fall of snow and today an unsettled condition generally.”

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Remember When for Dec. 2, 2014

115 years ago

The more things change, the more they stay the same. One hundred years ago, a Lassen County newspaper editor complained, “The vagaries of California legislation are remarkable. They might be said to be laughable if they did not cost the people so much hard cash.”

The editor railed about expensive highway laws which could not be enforced, a countywide ordinance prohibiting the shipment of game out of the county — despite the fact such laws had been declared unconstitutional by the state supreme court — and a new voter registration law set to go into effect on Jan. 1, 1900. The editor referred to this legislation as “bungling.”

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Remember When for Nov. 25, 2014

115 years ago

The following product was being advertised: “Ladies, if you desire a transparent, clear and fresh complexion, use Dr. Bourbon’s French Arsenic Complexion Wafer’s, the only reliable beautifier of the complexion, skin and form known.”

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Remember When for Nov. 18, 2014

115 years ago

For a considerable time, E.V. Spencer had been diligently, though quietly, working on a plan for building a railroad from Smithen to Susanville. Mr. Spencer was looking after the right-of-way and has the line actually marked out for more than two thirds of the distance and has deeds for the same. He was meeting with every encouragement and support — so much so, in fact, that there seemed no room for doubt that the road would be built.

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Remember When for Nov. 11, 2014

115 years ago

Since the Audubon Society and public sentiment have decreed that stuffed birds were not appropriate ornaments for civilized women, Washington girls of the smart set had taken to live birds.

Live birds were far more interesting, they said the plumage of some birds too large to go on hats were far more brilliant than those of smaller birds.

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