Remember When for Oct. 7, 2014

117 years ago

Tom Chow, a Chinese cook, shot and killed Tom Luey, a Chinese waiter at the Johnstonville restaurant. Chow, who was fired earlier that morning by owner Bob Johnston, walked into the restaurant and shot Luey in the leg. The bullet pierced an artery, causing Luey to bleed to death. Sheriff Cady later apprehended Chow as he was walking in the neighborhood carrying a gun.

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Remember When for Sept. 30, 2014

117 years ago

The community celebrated Teacher Institution Week, a countywide acknowledgment of the efforts of school teachers. Also a few new teachers were welcomed to select schools in the area.

According to the newspaper, these additions gave a greater sense of credibility to local education efforts.

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Remember When for Sept. 23, 2014

117 years ago

The board of supervisors appointed three horticulture commissioners to investigate the condition of the county’s orchards and determine methods of protecting them from disease and insects.

67 years ago

The removal of power lines at the end of two runways at the Susanville Municipal Airport neared completion following an agreement between the Susanville City Council and the California Pacific Utility Company. Workers were ordered to bury the line underground after they had previously figured in two airplane crashes.

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Remember When for Sept. 16, 2014

117 years ago

The Eagle Lake Land and Irrigation Company purchased the rights to the Susan River irrigation system, which comprised Leavitt Lake and the reservoirs known as McCoy and Hog Flats, making the Honey Lake Valley one of the best irrigated sections of California.

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Remember When for Sept. 9, 2014

115 years ago

On Labor Day, readers found the following editorial on their doorsteps.

“This year, Labor Day should be celebrated with more than usual merriment and gratification. It has been a prosperous year for America.

“The working men of all trades and nearly all sections of the union have been rewarded with more abundant earnings than for many a year past, and moreover, all prospects of the future are bright and promising.

“The establishment of an annual holiday for the purpose of providing a special festival for working men and for the thoughtful consideration of the dignity of labor and the rightful honor due to those who engage in it, is itself evidence of the growing power and influence of working men in the social structure of civilization.

“The celebrations of the people are not to be confined to the commemoration of military virtues and victory only, but are hereafter to be accorded to mark also the public esteem for the strong sons of toil who build up a nation and establish its independence and its prosperity upon a firmer foundation than can be laid by any way, however triumphant and glorious.”

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