Remember When for June 17, 2014

115 years ago

Susanville women were advised to pay their own carfare when others would pay theirs under similar circumstances. Women should always pay their own way when visiting. When meeting friends or business associates, they should not offer to pay her fare or allow her to pay yours. And don’t argue about it! A businesswoman never lets a businessman pay for her fare.

The social man or woman has met by chance and must be dealt with tactfully. A woman should offer to pay her own way boldly and briskly, but if the man argues the question, as a matter of self-preservation, by all means, let him squander the nickel!

Remember When for June 10, 2014

115 years ago

Mother Nature provided a surprising sure-fire cure for rheumatism, according to a story published in the Alturas Plaindealer.

Jack Thomas discovered the remedy by accident but it’s one which probably would not be too popular with those affected by the crippling disease. It seemed he was sitting near the stovepipe in his home when it was struck by lightning.

Thomas was knocked senseless, and his wife was considerably dazed. When he awoke, to his surprise, he was completely cured of his chronic malady. Thomas said his remedy is not patented and anyone could use it free of charge. He added, however, he does not want to take another dose of the cure.

Remember When for June 3, 2014

115 years ago

Wagon teams from Susanville, Reno and Carson City gathered for the annual relay races, and the competition really heated up. A team from Reno won the quarter mile race in just over 30 seconds and another Reno team also won the half-mile race with a time of 1:13.

In the mile race, a Reno crew grabbed first place in 2:37, with a Susanville team coming in second. In the finale, a five-stage 25-mile race, Reno beat Susanville by more than a mile, but the Carson City ream crossed the finish line covered in ashes as the Reno crew set fire to the course as the Susanville team passed in the final five-mile stage.

Remember When for May 27, 2014

150 years ago

Late each afternoon, the stagecoach left Redding and arrived in Millville about 9 p.m. One particular day, a curious crowd gathered at the Millville station wondered why the stage had failed to arrive when a passerby said he was certain he saw the clumsy vehicle lumber into town on time.

It seems as the stagecoach approached Millville, the driver fell asleep. When he awoke around midnight, he stopped the horses and yelled Millville, but a passenger realized they were not in the town. The driver took his bearings and realized he was 15 miles past Millville. The somnambulist turned the horses around and finally arrived in Millville for the second time around 4 a.m.

Remember When for May 20, 2014

115 years ago

Susanville residents celebrated Decoration Day — a time when departed veterans were remembered in local churches and the cemetery.

The M.E. Church was decorated with festoons, garlands and huge enwreathed portraits of Washington, Lincoln, Dewey and McKinley.

The ever-popular Mt. Echo Band provided entertainment. The Ladies Literary Society of Susanville presented a handsome silk flag to the Beaton Post G.A.R. The flag was hastily passed over the graves of departed veterans at the cemetery as storm clouds hovered overhead.

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