Remember When for May 27, 2014

150 years ago

Late each afternoon, the stagecoach left Redding and arrived in Millville about 9 p.m. One particular day, a curious crowd gathered at the Millville station wondered why the stage had failed to arrive when a passerby said he was certain he saw the clumsy vehicle lumber into town on time.

It seems as the stagecoach approached Millville, the driver fell asleep. When he awoke around midnight, he stopped the horses and yelled Millville, but a passenger realized they were not in the town. The driver took his bearings and realized he was 15 miles past Millville. The somnambulist turned the horses around and finally arrived in Millville for the second time around 4 a.m.

Remember When for May 20, 2014

115 years ago

Susanville residents celebrated Decoration Day — a time when departed veterans were remembered in local churches and the cemetery.

The M.E. Church was decorated with festoons, garlands and huge enwreathed portraits of Washington, Lincoln, Dewey and McKinley.

The ever-popular Mt. Echo Band provided entertainment. The Ladies Literary Society of Susanville presented a handsome silk flag to the Beaton Post G.A.R. The flag was hastily passed over the graves of departed veterans at the cemetery as storm clouds hovered overhead.

Remember When for May 13, 2014

115 years ago

The buzz in Janesville was an upcoming musical recital by the area youth. The musical presentation, under the direction of J.E. Ball, featured both vocal and instrumental music. Admission was 15 cents for adults and 10 cents for children.

Remember When 5-6-14

115 years ago

Travelers crossing the Sierras brought word to Susanville of “large droves” of cattle being driven across the mountains from Butte and Tehama counties. The cattle were expected to spend the summer in the open northern ranges.

“It seems as if some little danger might be expected to result in the stock interests in Lassen County,” editorialized the Advocate.

 But the writer concluded that the impact would probably be much less than the “annual influx of sheep.” In the end, the paper called for the establishment of a general stock license for grazers, which was called “the only just and proper system.”

60 years ago

Mother nature treated Lassen County to a spectacular light show, setting off 13 forest fires spurned by lightning, 11 of which were in the Lassen National Forest. Luckily, they were only spot fires, burning only fractions of acres.

Forestry officials said heavy rain helped keep fires down.

40 years ago

For the first time in 23 years, the average property tax rate in California dropped from the year before.

The rate dropped from $11.46 per $100 assessed to $11.15.

A homeowner would pay $362 in property taxes after taking the homeowners exemption. In Lassen County, the average tax rate was $9.31, an increase of 34 cents over the previous year’s average. Statewide, the net taxable assessed value of properties was $59.6 billion, which by law is 65 percent of the full market values of the properties.

25 years ago

California Governor George Deukmajian honored five Lassen County correctional officers, four of them for heroism, at a ceremony held in Sacramento.

Awarded bronze stars for heroism were Lt. D.M. ‘Mack” Roberts, Lt. Rick Smith and officer Tom Williams. Lt. Larry Olesen was named California Department of Corrections Supervisors of the year.

20 years ago

Area residents reacted with outrage after vandals cut down the Shoe Tree, a Lassen County landmark for decades.

The fallen monument, located near Ravendale, attracted attention from locals and tourists alike as people hung their discarded shoes from its limbs. “Each shoe has its own story,” said one resident. “I’ve heard that hobos will find a good pair of shoes that fit them and then throw their old, worn out pair back on the tree.”

The Lassen County Sheriff’s Department reported it had no leads on the tree cutters.

15 years ago

The discovery of a body in a Susanville home launched a suspicious death investigation by the Susanville Police Department.

Officer Kevin Jones could not release many details or a name in the case because the investigation was ongoing.

10 years ago

A spear-hunting incident turned ugly sending one man to the Washoe County Medical Center in critical condition.

On May 16, an unidentified woman said a young man was stabbed when a spear went through a door located between Margie’s Book Nook and the Pioneer Hotel in Uptown Susanville.

Susanville police officers found 20-year-old Sidale Ridgebear, of Susanville, lying on the sidewalk in front of the building suffering from a laceration to the upper arm area.

Further investigation revealed he was stabbed with a “spear-type instrument.”

Officers later apprehended a suspect in the stabbing.

Last year

Lassen High School music department students paid tribute to the Great Britain rock band, The Beatles, at the annual Dessert Night fundraiser.

Before the local students performed each song, some history was provided about the songs. Pie was served to the audience at intermission. 

Remember When for the wee of 5/9/2014

Keri Taborski
Feather Publishing Historian

75 YEARS AGO.....1939

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