Remember When for July 28, 2015

125 years ago
    According to the Advocate, Susanville can now boast about 30 young women, all fair and sweet, for half as many young men. So the dear creatures are seriously thinking of importing a few more boys!

50 years ago
    Sheriff Olin Johnson was called shortly after 2 a.m. to the Pine Cone Inn night club between Fall River Mills and Bieber to assist in apprehending two armed bandits who entered the premises shortly before that hour, stood up the management, employees and patrons and escaped with $400 in cash.
    The men entered the place, it was reported, with drawn revolvers and proclaimed, “This is a stick up.” One of the robbers held a gun on those in the room while the other rifled the cash register.

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Remember When for July 21, 2015

125 years ago
    Dennis Wood went out to Indian Creek for a day’s sport. He reports the fishing is good and he caught 60 fish in a few hours.
    A couple of young women in Susanville disguised themselves as gypsies and made a fortune-telling round among their friends. The imposition was a decidedly clever one and was not detected.

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Remember When for July 14, 2015

125 years ago
    Many of the trout streams in the mountains of Lassen County reportedly were still too high for good fishing.
    D.D. Norvel, the sheep man, was in town Monday, and he reported continued cold weather in the mountains.
    There was a well-contested running race at the track between horses owned by Laine, Hart and Wilson. Laine’s equine won the race and the money.

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Remember When for July 7, 2015

95 years ago
    The Census Bureau made public the preliminary announcement of the population in Lassen County as returned by the census taken in January. It showed the population had nearly doubled during the decade between 1910 and 1920. According to the figures, Lassen County had 8,507 residents while the city of Susanville had 910.

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Remember When for June 23, 2015

125 years ago
    Locusts are numerous in some parts of the Honey Lake Valley, but no damage has been reported. The Native Americans were gathering around them and “Lo” will feast high now.

75 years ago
    Troy Emerson, a well-known and respected rancher of the Honey Lake Valley District, was appointed supervisor to complete the unexpired term of James Leavitt. Emerson succeeded interim supervisor, county engineer T.W. Oglive, to take charge of Road District No. 2.

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