Bull riding show helps kick off 2014 Lassen County Fair


Will Rasmussen fights to stay on as the bull kicks and bucks him around the rodeo arena. Rasmussen was the first cowboy to earn a qualified ride during the show. Photo by Maddie Musante

July 16 — The 2014 Lassen County Fair kicked off last night with a wild show of bulls, blood, dust and mud.

Circle P Rodeo hosted the Ranch Broncs and Bull Bash the evening of Tuesday, July 15 and thrilled the local crowd with belligerent bulls, daring cowboys and lots of laughs provided by rodeo clown Bert Davis.


The first qualified ride of the evening went to Will Rasmussen, but his lead was short-lived, as Blaine Tibbals came along and outscored him.


The first-place winner was Enrique Sanchez, who went home with a prize of $2,750. Tibbals ended up taking second place and $1,710. Alex Guzman was the third place rider, who won $1,140 and Grayson Hill came in fourth, getting a $100 prize.


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Lassen County Fair horse show, gymkhana schedule

July 15 — The Lassen County Fair horse show is scheduled to take place at 3 p.m. Wednesday, July 16 beginning with halter.

Gymkhana will begin at 5 p.m. Thursday, July 17. Both events will be at the North Arena.

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Local golf enthusiast hits a hole-in-one

July 8 — On the afternoon of June 22, 65-year-old Kevin Justis headed to Diamond Mountain Golf Course to play nine rounds with his wife and friends, what he didn’t know was that he was about to achieve one of the rarest and most impressive feats in the game of golf.

When Justis, his wife, Jane, and friends Bill Muttera, Jeannie Muttera and Jerry Douglass reached the 189-yard hole No. 9, Justis says he took his swing, but no one in the group saw where the ball landed.


“I knew I hit it straight, but it’s almost 200 yards long, and I did not see it go in the hole,” Justis said.


The group walked to the green and began searching for Justis’ ball. However, after a long time of looking with no luck of finding the ball, Justis wandered over to the hole.


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Susanville native inducted into West Coast Stock Car Hall of Fame


Rudy Macgowan, left, Doc Blevins, Dallas Langley, Mike Skinner, Angie Skinner, Richard Childress, Judy Childress, Bill Davis and Gail Davis celebrate Mike Skinner’s induction into the West Coast Stock Car Hall of Fame on Thursday, June 19 in Napa, California. Photo submitted

July 1 — About 40 years ago, Mike Skinner made his stock car racing debut on the dirt track at Diamond Mountain Speedway in Susanville. Now, after a successful career in NASCAR and a national truck championship, Skinner has been inducted to the West Coast Stock Car Hall of Fame.

“To be able to even be eligible for nomination, you have to achieve success at the highest level attainable in the Western United States … it’s a big deal,” said Ken Clapp, West Coast Stock Car Hall of Fame Board Chairman.


Skinner is a Susanville native who began racing at the Lassen County Fairgrounds in the 1970s. In the early 90s, he moved to North Carolina to seek out a career in racing, and ended up winning the Late Model Championship at Caraway Speedway a year later. 


In 1995, he was hired by Richard Childress Racing and competed in the first NASCAR Camping Work Truck Series. He won the race that year and went on to rack up seven more wins and the first championship in the series. Shortly after, he began racing full time in the Sprint Cup Series and was awarded Rookie of the Year.


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Iron Pit Fight Team to host 10th High Desert Brawl


Members of the Iron Pit Fight team pose for a photo to promote the upcoming High Desert Brawl, which is scheduled to take place Saturday, Aug. 16 at Diamond Mountain Casino. Photo by Maddie Musante

June 25 — After taking a one-year hiatus, the Iron Pit Fight Team is once again hosting its popular fight night  at Diamond Mountain Casino — the High Desert Brawl.

The brawl is scheduled to take place Aug. 16 and will feature many local fighters who will face opponents from all over the western United States.


According to the team’s coach and event organizer, Rudy Valentine, eight Iron Pit fighters are scheduled to fight right now, but Valentine is still looking for opponents for some of them.


“We’ve got guys coming from Oregon, down south and Nevada, so we’re spread all over … we’ve also, I think, got a team from Idaho that will probably be coming down,” he said.

This the 10th year Iron Horse Gym’s fight team has put on the event. 


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