Pool demolition project moves forward

Sunday, March 15, 2015 — The old Roosevelt Pool is coming down and the project is on time and within budget.

That’s the message Jared Hancock, executive officer, delivered at the board’s Tuesday, March 3 meeting.

Westwood resident Eileen Spencer filed a Brown Act violation with the board because it did not post its agenda on its website as the act requires.

Board member Nick McBride was absent and Jeff Hemphill attended as a substitute for Tom Hammond.

Hancock told the board he was happy with the demolition process and so far the contract has not encountered any unexpected issues, although it is unclear if some additional tunnels on the property may be uncovered.

He said some contaminated materials have been removed from the site, but the levels are not high enough for concern.

He said an underground fuel tank that contained 3,000 gallons of diesel fuel had been removed. The fuel was pumped out of the tank and transported for disposal. Soil testing for contamination around the tank has been completed, but the results have not been returned yet. Hancock said the demolition project should be completed ahead of schedule by May 5.

Tony Jonas, the former Roosevelt Pool manager, asked if the contractor was going to restore the site to grade after completing the demolition process.

Hancock said the contractor would provide some fill, but would create a slope into the cavity of the old pool that would be safe and not a hazard. Jonas asked if an engineer had approved that part of the project, and Hancock said yes.

Jonas also asked about the California Environmental Quality Act review of the site, and Hancock said that process also had been filed with the state and completed for both properties that will make up the new pool site — one owned by the Susanville Elementary School District and one owned by Lassen County.

Responding to a question from board member Jim Chapman, Hancock said the CEQA document was filed with the county Jan. 14 and went up on the state’s website Jan. 26. There were no comments received during the 35-day comment period and that process has been completed.

Jonas also asked about the lot-line adjustment process.

Hancock said the purchase agreement between the authority and the county, which includes the legal descriptions, is being updated, and all the transfer documents would be filed together. Once the JPA acquires the property, new monuments would be set, and Chapman suggested the board should walk the boundaries to ensure their accuracy.

Jonas also asked about the two old fuel tanks located on the county property.

Hancock said those were not included in the approved demolition process and the authority would issue a change order for their removal. He said it cost $11,000 for the fuel tank on the old school property to be removed, and he estimated it would cost between $7,000 and $11,000 to remove those two tanks.

The agenda included an update on the authority’s financial status, but Hancock Lassen County Treasurer/Tax Collection Nancy Cardenas would be more qualified to offer that update, and he said she planned to attend the authority’s next meeting held at 3 p.m. Tuesday, March 17.

According to a report distributed with the agenda, the authority has a fund balance of $434,439.09 and as of Jan. 1, 2015, the Pennies For The Pool account balance is $26,545.08.

For photos, see the Tuesday, March 10, 2015 edition of the Lassen County Times.


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