Remember When for March 31, 2015

125 years ago

Tom Dennin said some unprincipled sportsman put giant powder in the creek near his Mountain Meadow ranch last winter and made sad havoc among the trout. Dennin said his creek used to be the best trout stream in the country, but with such acts of vandalism, it could be worthless as a fishing ground.

75 years ago

The prospect of a highway built according to the standards of the Federal Bureau of Public Roads extending from Westwood via Poison Lake over the Hat Creek Rim to a connection with Highway 89 from Mt. Lassen to Burney at Old Station seemed assured when the Shasta County Board of Supervisors gave approval to a contract proposed by the Forest Service.

50 years ago

Lassen County received $46,089 as its share of highway users tax for March. The funds were collected from several sources: gasoline tax, transfer from motor vehicle fund, diesel fuel tax, transfer from the motor vehicle transportation tax fund and other miscellaneous sources.

35 years ago

While other parts of the country scurried to seek and develop alternative energy sources, it seems Lassen County was a step behind alternative energy but had begun to develop it.

Although geothermal has been the forerunner for alternative energy means in the country, it seemed solar energy was coming into its own according to one Susanville City Council member.

30 years ago

A status report on cattle grazing in the Eagle Lake Basin was scheduled for presentation to the Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board.

According to the Lahontan engineer, no action was expected beyond continuing to accommodate the interests of Lassen County cattlemen, while still protecting the water quality of Eagle Lake.

25 years ago

The Susanville City Council approved a $2,005 funding request from the Lassen County Arts Council, a portion of which will be used for wall preparation for the Dad Popcorn mural to be painted on the Odd Fellows Building at Lassen and Main streets.

20 years ago

Work began to repair the Leavitt Lake Dam, which partially collapsed during the winter floods. Traffic was blocked on more than a dozen county thoroughfares and repairs will cost the county $5 million. Road damage was estimated at $3 million in January, but heavy rains and a heavy March snowstorm increased the damage. It may take the county five years to repair all the roads to their pre-1992 condition.

15 years ago

One in three Lassen County juveniles has spent time in foster care or a group home at some point in their lives.

Almost 10 percent have had a juvenile law enforcement disposition.

Fifteen percent have been involved in drug treatment programs and 9 percent have been treated for a mental illness.

10 years ago

Fire season typically does not start until May but fire really knows no season as evidenced by three fires in Lassen County last week.

Two of the fires were started by residents burning debris and the other’s origin is still under investigation.

Last year

Crews from seven fire departments, as well as Cal Fire, battled a blaze at a two-story structure at 211 Third St. in Westwood.

According to Forest Duerksen, Westwood fire chief, Aaron Baker, a Westwood volunteer firefighter who was the incident commander in the initial attack, requested additional response due to the size of the building. Also there were exposed structures nearby such as Westwood Family Practice, the Westwood Community Center and Coffi Auto Repair shop.

The call came in about 6:15 a.m. and was made by the property owner, Linda Hansen, who lives in an adjacent building. She reported she was awakened by the smell of smoke. Duerksen said the Westwood Fire Department was dispatched with the message a person was trapped on the second floor of the building. There was no one in the structure but several dogs left inside perished in the fire.


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