Remember When for May 26, 2015

125 years ago
    Three short, fat and jolly tourists came over the mountains on buckboards and made Susanville lively for a few hours. Messieurs Lowenburg, Vascellin and Berstein were all shorter than five feet and each weighed more than 200 pounds.

75 years ago
    Lassen County’s population as reported in the 1940 census was 14,463, an increase of 1,874 from 1930. The number of farms rose from 472 to 490 during that 10-year period.

50 years ago
    A fire of undetermined origin destroyed a major portion of the plant and lumber inventory of the Eagle Lake Lumber Company. Total losses were estimated at nearly $6 million. Rebuilding and cleanup operations were scheduled as soon as fire and insurance inspectors had covered the area.

35 years ago
    A District 4 supervisor challenger who received 625 votes in a recent election filed for an official recount of the election results after his campaign fell seven votes short. The challenger said since the election results were so close, it was worth checking to see if there were any errors made during the original count.

25 years ago
    The 1990 season opened quietly at Eagle Lake. Prior to the May 26 opening, officials had expressed fears that the ongoing construction of new boat launch facilities at the Gallatin Marina, combined with a lower-than-normal water level due to the drought would lead to chaos as boaters crowded existing ramps at the popular lake.
    As it turned out, boat traffic was moderate for this year’s unusually quiet opening. Construction at the marina was expected to continue all season.
15 years ago
    A former Susanville bank official is apparently free on bail after being arrested last week for allegedly embezzling $170,000 from the facility.
    Susanville Police Department Captain Jason Sterling said Shirley Couch was arrested on a warrant for alleged embezzlement from Tri Counties Bank on Main Street.

10 years ago
    “We have an invasion in Lassen County of what’s called a Mormon cricket,” said Lassen County’s agricultural commissioner Ken Smith. “Over the last three years, they’ve encroached into Lassen County from Washoe County and western Nevada.”
    While the invasion is ample cause for concern, Smith assured county residents agricultural areas have been spared thus far.

Last year
    New signs would be created and placed in county parks to encourage a smoke-free environment and healthy lifestyle.
    The matter to ban smoking from parks was brought to the supervisors for approval at a meeting of the Lassen County Board of Supervisors.
    If it was approved, a county ordinance would be developed and signs would be placed in parks.  The ordinance would not be enforceable.
    Some of the supervisors, however, said they did not approve of prohibiting smoking in parks, but would support adding signs.


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