Supermarket, community donate bags of food to local seniors

Bryan Stovall, left, John Whitby, Lassen Senior Services executive director Penny Artz, IGA manager Todd Eid, Chris McMullen, Jessica Eid, Hope Browning, Julie Huff, Pam Woodworth and Kailee Mossinger stand behind the 120 bags of food donated to local seniors. Photo by Makenzie Davis

Wednesday, Jan. 14, 2015 —Lassen County homebound seniors will receive a bag full of groceries donated by local residents and Susanville Supermarket IGA.

According to Todd Eid, the supermarket manager, customers purchased 116 Help Fight Hunger certificates for $10 each. He said the store rounded it up to 120 and donated $20 worth or groceries for every $10 donated.

The food will go to homebound seniors, according to Lassen Senior Services executive director Penny Artz.

She said there are roughly 115 in the county, so each will receive a bag of food.

The bags contained noodles, macaroni and cheese, cereal, apple juice, pasta sauce and canned fruits and vegetables.

“All healthy, easy to prepare foods,” said Eid.

Susanville Supermarket IGA staff and employees presented Lassen Senior Services with bags on Wednesday, Jan. 7.


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