Remember When for Jan. 27, 2015

125 years ago

According to newspaper reports, some stages on the northern route were stuck so deep in the snow that all that was visible of them was the top of the pole which the driver stood straight up before abandoning the stage. A card was tacked on the poles bearing the legend, “U.S. Mail.”

75 years ago

Put out of commission by a fire after a short but optimistic existence, the Orpheum Bowling Alley was to be restored to full use again.

C.W. Nichol, proprietor and general contractor, planned to reconstruct the floors in the rear of the building that had all but burned from under the alley. The lobby area was also slated for remodeling.

40 years ago

The California Division of Highways sought public input on proposed improvements to Highway 395. The improvements consisted of reconstructing the roadbed and widening the roadway to 32 feet along a 36.7-mile section south of the Lassen-Modoc County line.

35 years ago

A plan to form a more unified house number system was being reviewed by the Lassen County Board of Supervisors. Area emergency service officials and the U.S. Postal Service brought the plan to the board’s attention.

30 years ago

The Lassen County Transportation Commission had requested a study of the intersection at Main Street and Johnstonville Road after a series of complaints by local motorists. After review, the commission planned to provide a solution to remedy the possible safety hazard.

20 years ago

A Phantom moved in at the Susanville airport — a real Vietnam era F-4 Phantom fighter was made available to the city if officials could find a way to transport it from the Air National Guard base in Reno.

The Phantom is an Air Force version with fixed wings, unlike the Navy version with wings which fold up for use on an aircraft carrier.

The General Electric J-79 gas turbine engines had already arrived at Lassen College for use in the SPOT program.

15 years ago

Richard Murphy, a candidate in the Lassen County Superior Court judge’s race, was not completely candid with the newspaper about his stock fraud convictions in 1972, and a second one-year suspension for sending a quarterly report to the state bar telling them he was not practicing law. He did it on his attorney at law letterhead, which he said the bar deemed a violation of his suspension.

10 years ago

“I can see nothing but positive coming from this whole process,” Allen Gliege, former Susanville Airport manager said last week of the City Council’s investigation of illegal airport activity.

“If it wasn’t for their support,” Gliege said of the council and the city’s recent mayors, “we wouldn’t be here.”

Gliege said he would be happy to have city officials investigate the airport and encouraged them to see anything they want.

Last year

Extreme drought conditions in Lassen County were causing concerns about the potential impact to agriculture producers and local businesses.

Ag commissioner Craig Hemphill and David Lile, farm advisor for the UC Cooperative System, drafted a letter that will be sent to Governor Jerry Brown providing an update on the continuing drought and examples of adverse impacts to natural resources, property, businesses and recreation in Lassen County.

The Lassen County Board of Supervisors approved the letter during a meeting. Just several days prior, Brown declared a State of Emergency and directed all necessary actions to prepare for drought conditions.


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