Feather River Bulletin Public Notices for the week of Dec 14, 2016

Escrow No.: 0101600730-SR
Notice is hereby given that a bulk sale of assets and a transfer of alcoholic beverage license is about to be made.
The names and addresses of the Seller/Licensee are: Highlands Investment Group IX, L.P. 768 Whitehawk Drive, Clio CA 96106
The business is known as: Whitehawk Ranch Golf Club
As listed by the Seller/Licensee, all other business names and addresses used by the Seller/Licensee within three years before the date such list was sent or delivered to the Buyer/Transferee are: (If “none”, so state.) NONE
The names and addresses of the Buyer/Transferee are: WHGC Venture LLC 768 Whitehawk Drive, Clio Ca 96106
The assets to be sold are described in general as: all or a substantial part of the assets used in the operation of the above named business located at: 768 Whitehawk Drive, Clio CA 96106.
The kind of license to be transferred is: Type 47 – On-Sale General Eating Place, Number 442023
now issued for the premises located at: 768 Whitehawk Drive, Clio CA 96106
The sale/transfer is intended to be consummated at the office of Fidelity National Title Company, 1375 Exposition Blvd., Suite 240, Sacramento, CA 95815, Escrow # 0101600730-SR and the anticipated date of the sale/transfer is January 3, 2017. Claims will be accepted until escrow holder is notified by the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control of its transfer of the license to the Buyer.
The Bulk Sale is subject to California Uniform Commercial Code Section 6106.2.
It has been agreed between the Seller/Licensee and the intended Buyer/Transferee, as required by Sec. 24073 of the Business and Professions Code, that the consideration for the transfer of the business and license is to be paid only after the transfer has been approved by the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control.
Dated: December 6, 2016
By: Fidelity National Title Company as Escrow
Agent for the herein Buyer and Seller
/S/ Sara Rewinkle, Escrow Officer
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Dec. 14, 2016|

Public Notice
Announcement of Availability of the Bucks Creek Hydroelectric Project, FERC Project No. 619-158 (Project) Application for New License (License Application). As required by Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) regulations, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) and the City of Santa Clara (City), collectively the Licensees, announce the filing of the Application to relicense the Project and the availability of the License Application. By regulation, the Licensees are required to file the License Application with FERC no later than December 31, 2016. The Licensees intend to file the License Application with FERC on December 12, 2016.
The 84.8-megawatt (MW) Project is located on Bucks, Grizzly, and Milk Ranch creeks, which are tributaries to the North Fork Feather River (NFFR) in Plumas County, California. The Project consists of two existing developments (Bucks Creek and Grizzly), which collectively include four reservoirs (Bucks Lake, Lower Bucks Lake, Three Lakes, and Grizzly Forebay), one conduit (Milk Ranch), two tunnels (Grizzly Forebay and Grizzly Powerhouse tunnels), two powerhouses (Bucks Creek and Grizzly powerhouses), and associated equipment and transmission facilities. At the current time, the Licensees are not proposing to add capacity or make any major modifications to the Project or its operation under the new license. The current license expires December 31, 2018.
The License Application filing includes:
Volume I: Executive Summary, Initial Statement, Exhibits A, B, C, D, F, G, and H (Public)
Volume II: Exhibit E, Environmental Exhibit (Public)
Volume III: Technical Memorandum (Public)
Volume IV: Biological Resource Technical Memorandum (Privileged)
Volume V: Cultural Resource Technical Memorandum and Draft Historic Properties Management Plan (Privileged)
Volume VI: Critical Energy Infrastructure Information (CEII)- Confidential Project Drawings
The License Application is being provided to state and federal resource agencies, Indian Tribes, and potentially interested parties. The public volumes of the License Application also may be viewed, and reproduced at the Plumas County Public Library, located at 445 Jackson St, Quincy, California, or downloaded from the Project relicensing website at:
Questions about the License Application or relicensing of the Project should be directed to Mr. Alan Soneda of PG&E at Pacific Gas and Electric Company, 245 Market Street, San Francisco, California 94105. Mr. Soneda can also be reached by phone at 415-973-4054 or by email at AAS3@pge.com.
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Dec. 14, 21, 2016|