$20 million available for shovel-ready forest and wildfire resilience projects in Sierra Nevada

The Sierra Nevada Conservancy, a California state agency, announced the availability of $20 million dollars for the implementation of shovel-ready forest health projects in the region.

The Immediate Action Wildfire and Forest Resilience directed grant program was made possible by an early action wildfire and forest resilience budget approved by the legislature and the governor earlier today. The early action budget includes $20 million for the SNC and is part of a $1-billion forest and wildfire resilience funding proposal under consideration by state leaders.

The funding to the SNC’s Watershed Improvement Program supports the goals of California’s recently released Wildfire and Forest Resilience Action Plan and is part of a multi-agency, all-hands-on-deck, approach to forest and wildfire resilience. Projects funded by this program could start improving regional forest and wildfire resilience this year.

“This early action budget reflects reality — we don’t have any time to waste if we are to protect the Sierra Nevada and the benefits it provides all Californians from wildfire and an accelerating climate crisis,” said SNC Executive Officer Angela Avery.

“We’ve been preparing to hit the ground running since discussions about an early action wildfire and forest resilience budget started last year,” added Andy Fristensky, SNC’s Field Operations and Grants Manager. “That’s why we’re able to open applications the same day that policymakers passed this budget. We’re excited to get this money in the hands of regional partners who are ready to implement forest health and wildfire resilience projects across the Sierra Nevada.”

Public agencies, tribal entities and qualifying non-profit organizations with shovel-ready forest and wildfire resilience projects in the Sierra Nevada are encouraged to contact the SNC about developing a project application. Eligible projects must seek $200,000 or more, have completed environmental permitting, and be scheduled for completion no later than Jan. 1, 2025. Contact information, application instructions, and grant program guidelines are available on the SNC’s website at: sierranevada.ca.gov/funding/snc-grants.

The directed grant program provides an infusion of funding that will help the SNC to accelerate the WIP, its large-scale, triple-bottom-line program to restore the health and resilience of the Sierra Nevada.

The SNC is a California state agency that initiates, encourages, and supports efforts that improve the environmental, economic, and social well-being of the Sierra Nevada Region, its communities, and the citizens of California.