Derby winners Evelyn Gonzalez, first place 6-15 girls; two unidentified participants; Athina Robertson, second place 6-15 girls; Tristynn Whitworth, third place 6-15 girls; Vinnie McElmurray, third place 2-5 boys; Cameron Wattenburg, firsrt place 6-15 boys; Brooklyn Greer, first place 2-5-girls; not pictured was Jericho Hartrum, first place 2-5 boys; Braelynn Raymond, second place 2-5 girls; and Austin Smith, second place 6-15 boys. Center, with a new bike donated by a former resident of Paradise, is Ethan Shockley. Back row, Derby committee and volunteers: Club Secretary Jim Chapman, Club President Don Spalding, Councilman Brian Wilson, Cadet Sam Shockley, Tina Rich, Club Vice President Wade Workman, Monica Bendix, Supervisor David Teeter, Brett Bendix, participant Jesse Dieter, Treasurer Carla Dieter and Leroy Dieter. Photo submitted

30th annual Fishing Derby draws nearly 500 participants

The 30th annual Junior Fishing Derby kicked off in the early hours of Saturday, April 20 on the Susan River.

The conditions for Saturday morning were fairly warm with overcast and some occasional showers, which made great conditions for fishing.

This year’s derby brought 474 total participants with 148 registered in the 2 to 5 age group and 326 registered in the 6 to 15 age group.

The derby was set up in two categories for both boys and girls, with a 2 to 5 age group, and a 6 to 15 age group.

In the girls 2 to 5 age group, Brooklyn Greer took first with a 17-inch, two-pound, nine ounce trout. In second was Braelyn Raymond reeling in an 18-inch, two-pound, eight ounce trout.
Third place in the 2 to 5 girls group was Evie Lively who caught a 17-inch, two-pound, six ounce trout.

Taking first in the boys 2 to 5 age group was Jericho Hartrum, who caught himself a 17 inch, two-pound, four ounce trout entering it at 9:20 before second place Levi Biddle would bring in his fish of the same weight and size at 11:11.

In third for the boys 2 to 5 age group was Vinnie McElmurry with a 15-inch, one-pound, five ounce

The girls 6 to 15 age group had Evelyn Gonzalez reel in a almost 19-inch trout weighing in at three pounds, six ounces.
Athina Robberson took second with an 18-inch three-pound, four ounce trout.

Third in the 6 to 15 age girls group was Tristynn Whitworth, who snagged herself an 18-inch, two-pound, 11 ounce fish.

In the boys 6 to 15 age group, Cameron Wattenburg took first place entering his 18-inch two-pound, 14 ounce catch.

Austin Smith finished in second in his age group with a 19.5 inch trout weighing in at two-pounds, 13 ounces.

In third was Michael Cox with an 18 inch, two-pound, 13 ounce trout.

Lastly, the derby awarded two Sportsmanship awards — one awarded to a girl, and one to a boy.

The sportsmanship award for the girls went to Makenzie Peret, and for the boys it went to Trenton Cole.

“This was an excellent derby, we have been doing it for 30 years, and this year it all fell into place like clockwork,” said Jim Chapman, of the Lassen Sportsmen’s Club.