Jolene "Jo" Koons

Lassen College names head softball coach

The Lassen College head softball coach position has been offered to and accepted by Jolene Koons as of late June of 2017.

Koons, originally a native from Chico, California, is a 2015 graduate of Utah State where she was a starter for the softball team for all four years.

During the softball season of 2016, Koons served as a volunteer assistant coach at Stanford University, mostly working with outfielders. As for the 2017 season, Koons worked as an assistant coach at Colorado Christian University. As the assistant coach, Koons worked mostly with infielders, outfielders and hitters.

Following the encouragement of two former coaches who currently work at Lassen College, Koons submitted her name for the coaching slot, a move that would earn her first head coaching position.

Koons expressed that the position is a great stepping-stone for her career. She intends to use her head coach position to provide a solid stepping-stone for current and future Cougar softball players as well.

One of her goals for the LCC softball program is to recruit more students to build the program into one of competition for the Lassen County community to actively watch and enjoy.

Currently, Koons is working on said goal as she is actively spending her time in the summer recruiting Cougars for the upcoming school year.

She said, “Recruiting is going well so far. There’s good success this year. I’ve spoken to some great kids already.”

As for her position in the community, Koons is looking forward to team-building exercises that utilize the community during the upcoming season. Koons expressed the desire as one that will help the Lady Cougars give back to the Lassen County community as well as allow the teammates to work together outside of the field.

Though community-related events have yet to be scheduled, they are a topic of top priority for Koons once the team has been established.

Overall, Lassen College softball fans are eager for the next season to start. From her active efforts to recruit for the program and her plans for the program’s future, it’s clear that Lassen County can expect a lot from the young coach.

“I’m super thankful to get this opportunity to be a head coach,” said Koons.