The horseshoe tournament champions Todd Eid, second from right, and Richard Egan, right, smile with pride along with second-place finishers Brad Hanson, left, and Dean Growden. Photo submitted

Lassen County Cattlemen host annual horseshoe tournament

Daniel Bertotti, Wyatt Hanson and Jesse Midgely keep themselves focused on the horseshoe tournament after the annual Rotary/Cattlemen’s dinner on July 12. Photo submitted

On July 12, the Lassen County Cattlemen hosted their annual Cattlemen’s/Rotary Dinner to welcome the annual Lassen County Fair. After the dinner, the Cattlemen hosted their annual horseshoe competition to settle the evening.

The barbeque dinner tradition has been upheld for more than 20 years by the two organizations.

However, the horseshoe tournament is still a relatively new addition to the tradition.

The tournament was initially added to the annual dinner to establish a stronger sense of camaraderie between the two organizations, according to the Cattlemen President Wyatt Hanson.

This year’s competition marked the fifth annual tournament for the Lassen County Cattlemen. Just as in previous years, a golden toilet seat was bestowed upon the tournament’s winning team.

The champions honored with the prize for the 2017 competition were Tod Eid from Susanville Rotary and Richard Egan from the Cattlemen.

The teams were randomly selected for the tournament with one Rotary member and one Cattlemen making up each team.

As the solidarity between the two organizations has grown in the past five years since the horseshoe tournament’s introduction, the two groups have decided to start another tradition.

The first annual Rotary/Cattlemen’s Oktoberfest will be held at 5 p.m. on Sept. 30 at the Diamond Mountain Golf Course. The event will have food and refreshments as well as a live band. Proceeds will benefit community projects and scholarships. Tickets are available from various members of each organization.

Gino Surian, left, Zach Bunyard, Pierce Mallery and John McQuarrie hosted the bar at the 2017 Rotary/Cattlemen’s dinner on July 12. Photo submitted