Big Valley sophomore Yamir Moya fights through the defensive power of three Westwood players, including senior Manuel Amavizca, left, and junior Tyler Melendrez during a game at Westwood High School on Friday, Aug. 25. Photo by Ashley Grogan

Big Valley wins big against Lumberjacks

Westwood junior Tyler Melendrez holds nothing back when tackling Big Valley senior Konnor Gerig during a home game on Friday, Aug. 25. Photo by Ashley Grogan

The Westwood Lumberjacks hosted their first football game of the 2017 season on Friday, Aug. 25 against the Big Valley Cardinals.

With stands full on both sides of the field, it was clear that the Lassen County schools had fans eager for the game.

Big Valley completely annihilated the Lumberjacks with a final score of 82-0, but the Westwood players chalked it up to sour luck and refused to let the score dampen their spirit.

The Cardinals managed to score their first 50 points before halftime.

During the halftime break, the teams had a chance to reevaluate their strategies and keep hydrated. Fans had the ability to grab some grub before returning to their seats to cheer on their favorite player.

Upon the start of the second half, the Lumberjacks and the Cardinals continued to battle it out on the field.

After a field goal, another two touchdowns and two successful PATs, the Cardinals were sitting pretty on a score of 67 points.

Big Valley then surprised the audience after advancing to the 20-yard line and decided to score yet another field goal rather than run in their third touchdown of the second half.

The twist in strategy truly threw off fans as a distraught Westwood audience member audibly yelled, “What the hell?” as the ball soared through the goal post. With the three points tacked onto their score, the Cardinals secured an even 70 for the board.

Upon seeing the defensive obstacles ahead, Westwood sophomore Jeremiah Mosley changes offensive direction during a home game against Big Valley on Friday, Aug. 25. Photo by Ashley Grogan

The game was clearly all in good fun, though, as fans continued to cheer for every successful interception and turnover, as well as any fumble made by the opposing team.

The Lumberjacks ultimately lost the game 82-0, but vowed to perform better in the next game as they are now warmed up for the season.

Westwood High School sophomore Jeremiah Mosley attempts to run the ball while Big Valley senior defenders Chad Gallagher, left, and Dalton Leighton pursue the ball on Friday, Aug. 25. Photo by Ashley Grogan

The senior Lumberjack players for the 2017 season as of Friday, Sept. 1 are Herman Oswald, Manuel Amavizca, Elija Kincaid and Cameron Sawyer. Simon Reneria is the sole junior player. Sophomores include Tyler Melendrez, Jeremiah Mosley, Garrett Sutton, Trevor Tirey, Morgan Fletcher, Elijah Garrison and Jeremiah Taylor. The freshmen players are Cleta Tirey, Dale Fawver, Justin Boyd, German Holguin, Conner Sawyer, Raymond Chappell and Simon Renteria.

As for the Lumberjacks, the first game of the season was clearly a huge victory and the hope to repeat the success in the games to come.

The senior Cardinal players for the 2017 season as of Friday, Sept. 1 include Chad Gallagher, Tanner Bidwell, Chase Dahle, Konnor Gerig, Michael McCrary, Destin Davies, Dylan Duncan and Dalton Leighton. Junior players are Jason Collins, Reagan Dahle, Garrett Schmitt, Noah James and Kyle Hurd. Sophomores are Vladimir Rodriguez, Yamir Moya and Jeremiah Wheeler. Freshmen players include Jason Allee, Efrain Barba, Kyle Lemke and Argenis Moya.

Westwood played their second pre-league game at Tulelake High School on Thursday, Aug. 31.

The next game for Westwood will be this Friday, Sept. 8 against Hayfork at home. Westwood will then start their league play with a game against Mercy High School at home on Friday, Sept. 15.

Big Valley plays their next game on Sept. 8 at Princeton High School. They will then start league place on Sept. 15 at Butte Valley.