MAGA candidates need to be held accountable for religious and political hate speech

Various anti-hate campaigns in the media today fail to mention a brand-new kind of hate movement, the one currently sponsored by far-right Republicans against Democrats.

Republicans have incited hate crimes against Democrats with offices in Congress and private homes in California and have encouraged hate against judges and election workers.

Do Republicans really get a free pass to hate just because many go to evangelical churches and many Democrats go elsewhere?

In Utah, U.S. Senate candidate Brad Wilson has a TV ad where he promises to “risk it all” and fires a rifle as he talks about “fighting” Joe Biden. This is outrageous incitement to violence against Democrats, especially in view of Trump’s promise of a “bloodbath” if he loses.

MAGA candidates in this election cycle need to be held accountable for both religious and political hate speech before their partisans actualize their candidates’ violent fantasies.

Kimball Shinkoskey, Woods Cross, Utah