Just past the bridge is the start of the Stonewall Trail, Tuesday, May 28.

A break in the weather brings a day on the trail

The recent weather has been fairly repelling for hiking, but Tuesday, May 28 I found a clearing to get myself back to Susanville Ranch Park and tackle the Bagwell Butte.
The Bagwell Butte overlooks the sitting area at the Stonewall Trail Bridge.

Again my good friend Daniel and his dog Roxy tagged along. We took the Bagwell Creek Trail until we reached the foot of the Bagwell Butte where the log benches sat empty in the clearing just past Stonewall Trail Bridge.

We headed north up the Bullyvard Trail flanking the Bagwell Creek off to our left leading us almost directly to the tank atop the spring, which releases the water that seemingly forms Bagwell Creek.

Reaching the highest point on the trail, the view over the valley rivaled that of the view from the helipad.

We followed the trail and piping coming out of the hillside until we hit the Scrap Iron Trail which kicks off with a small drop off the trail into a row of trees flanking both sides of the trail, which gave my friend and I a horror movie feeling as we went along.

Leading into the last leg of the hike we reached a three way stop in the trail, continuing northeast would have taken us toward Heart Attack Hill, but instead we turned southwest heading down the Horse Trail.

Walking down the Horse Trail, Susanville and the meadow now stocked with livestock filled our sight the most of the way back down the trail.

We finished essentially where we started walking into the rest area at the Stonewall Trail Bridge only feet from the trail head we began our trek up the Bagwell Butte.
If you have any photos of your treks on the trails of Lassen County, send them to me at sports@lassennews.com and share them with the community.