Looking north from the South Side the second bridge spans the Susan River. Photo by Brian Walters

Above the river on the South Side Trail

On a recent trip to Hobo Camp I noticed a sign for the South Side Trail, so the morning of Wednesday, Aug. 7 I parked my car at the upper parking area of Hobo Camp and set out.

Living here most of my life I have never been down or realized the trail was there, and where it leads is a whole new view of the Bizz Johnson Trail.

The trail started taking me about 100 feet above the lower parking area of Hobo Camp and led me north toward the river. The trail then went in a serpentine pattern until I came to an intersection in the trail that gave me a few options.

I could have headed back east toward the first bridge of Hobo Camp, or straight west that followed the South Side Trail in its entirety that would have led me to the Devil’s Corral Trailhead. But I chose the Twin Bridge Connecters Trail that snaked along the side of the Southside Trail but followed closer along the ridge overlooking the river.

The Twin Bridge Trail was a nice change from the quiet open forest to the sound of the Susan River rushing below me.

It was quite a different take away, so up high from the Bizz Johnson Trail and seeing the second bridge from afar was a sight to see. The whole time I was expecting to see people fishing or kids jumping into the river, but there was no one occupying the trails other than me, adding a bit of tranquility to the hike.

The smaller trail ended up connecting back to the main South Side Trail where I followed the trail back to my car, but the South Side Trail is easily one of my new favorite trails.

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