Academy presents Spring Concert

Local musicians of all ages performed at the recent Susanville Symphony Academy’s Spring Concert held at the United Methodist Church.

Craig Harris conducted the Wind Ensemble, and Ben Wade conducted the

Youth Orchestra. Carol Laube served as the assistant conductor and string coach.

This concert marks the completion of the academy season, but they will begin again offering free music instruction next semester.

Wind Ensemble Program

“Raiders’ March,” by John Williams, arranged by Jack Bullock.

“Over the Rainbow,” by Harold Arlen and E.Y. Harbura, arranged by Michael Story.

“Star Wars” (main theme) by John Williams, arranged by Carl Strommen.

2018 Wind
Ensemble Roster

Flute — Julia Bruce, Daniel Watson and Molly Glucklich.

Clarinet — Joseph Bertotti and Elaine Mendonca.

French horn — Tobias Hall and Danielle Bennett.

Trombone — Tim Pass and Bill Bunker.

Trumpet — Benjamin Rodriquez, John Paul Bertotti; and Ronda Hall.

Baritone — Zebadias Hall.

Percussion — Ida Bruce and Dick Bendix.

Wind Ensemble conductor — Craig Harris.

Youth Orchestra Program

“Dragon Slayer,” by Bob Grice.

“Autumn,” from “The Four Seasons,” by Antonio Vivaldi, arranged by Douglas E. Wagner.

“March to the Scaffold,” from Symphonie Fantastique,” by Hector Berlioz, arranged by Richard Meyer.

“Tango Trocadero,” by Merle J. Isaac.

“Surprise Symphony,” by Franz Joseph Haydn, arranged by Richard Meyer.

“Devil’s Dream Hoedown,” traditional, arranged by Sandy Smith.

“Rock Riffs,” by Soon Hee Newbold.

2018 Youth
Orchestra Musicians

Violins — Kaitlyn Nakanishi (concertmaster), Therese Bertotti (assistant concertmaster), Rebecca Oset, Erielle Paddock, Candence Sloan, Emmalee Rotlisberger, Harmony George, Laura Rotlisberger, Eva George, Natalie Nakanishi, Amy Holeman and Rosalee Houser.

Viola — Carole Laube.

Cello — Kathryn Adams, Jessica Nakanishi and Tiffany Russell.

Clarinets — Joseph Bertotti and Elaine Mendonca.

Flute — Molly Glucklich.

Percussion — Tobias Hall and Dick Bendix.

Trumpets — Ben Rodriquez, Ronda Hall, Savannah Stephenson and Craig Harris.

Trombone — Bill Bunker.

Bass — Greg Dood.

Piano — Marlene Smith.

French Horn — Danielle Bennett.

Youth Orchestra conductor — Ben Wade.

Assistant conductor and string coach — Carol Laube.

Wind Ensemble conductor — Craig Harris.