Nov. 5, 2013 • Administrator shares city’s success stories

An upbeat Jared Hancock, Susanville’s city administrator, gave Susanville Rotary Club members a quick review of what’s happening in the city these days at the club’s Wednesday, Oct. 30 meeting.

Hancock said he could talk about a million things, but he was going to focus on five or six issues.

City Administrator Jared Hancock gave an update on the state of the city at the Susanville Rotary Club’s Wednesday, Oct. 30, 2013 meeting.

First up was the collaborative effort to clean up Main Street by several different agencies and inmate crews.

He said Main Street provides “the first impression people get when they come into our community.”

He also noted a number of recent changes on Main Street in the surrounding area including, among others, the newly constructed O’Reilly Auto Parts store, the upcoming arrival of a Big 5 Sporting Goods store, the proposed Dollar General Store, Lumberjacks restaurant and the moving of the White House from Janesville to Susanville.

According to Hancock, what’s different is the city’s approach to attracting new businesses because the economy hasn’t recovered that much yet.

He said there are many companies looking to expand, and the city has been meeting with them and laying out the process to help them get their doors open.

Creating a timeline and a plan, Hancock said Susanville can move “four or five times faster” than other communities. It’s the money they save in that time that makes the difference.”

Hancock also said the city was developing a better relationship with the real estate industry.

But Hancock said the city also was concerned with achieving a balance between the corporate stores and the mom-and-pop stores that might be affected by a big box store.

This large Lumberjack statue outside a new restaurant on Main Street greets customers arriving in Susanville from the east.

The goal of the city’s efforts, Hancock said, is to “retain the sales tax dollars that are leaking out into other communities.”

He said the city is not looking just two or three years into the future, but 15 or 20 years.

He said the city has recently completed or planned $3-4 million in road projects, including the recently completed Riverside Drive project.

While the community has a lot of questions about a pool, he said those questions would be answered once a Joint Powers Agreement between the city and the county is approved.

According to Hancock, the city has a budget of about $14 million with a general fund budget of about $5 million, down from about $7.5 million four or five years ago.