Members of the Claybreakers team line up for the Annie Oakley shootout before their award ceremony was underway.

After remarkable season, Claybreakers honored

Sunday June 23, the Lassen Grizzly Claybreakers had their 2019 award ceremony beginning with an Annie Oakley Shootout, followed by other competitions including the mom and dad shoot.

The results are as follows:
First in the Annie Oakley was Hunter Smith and second place was Dillion Ross.

The Mom’s 10-clay shoot off winners Jennifer Baldwin in first place and second place to Melissa Smith.

In the team shootout, the team winners were Dharma Jones, Jacob Daniels, Kat Baldwin, Bailey Spalding, Alexis Pickens, Aiden Adams, Kendahl Loflin, Morgan Rausch and Coach Rob Schrag.

The Dad’s 10-clay shoot off winner was Chris Montgomery in first and second place went to Bill Smith.

In the siblings shoot off Finn was the first place winner with nine targets.

Left-handed Annie Oakley winners were Daniels in first place and Smith finishing in second.

The parents Annie Oakley shootout winners were Lisa Pickens and Jennifer Baldwin took second place.

Team shoot off breaking chips was won by Daniel Jones, Hunter Smith, Dillion Ross, Will Pickens, Rylan Pickens, Caleb Montgomery, Rylee McCart, Coach Phil Giusti, Wyatt Gould and Austin Stephenson.

Upon the completion of the shoot offs, the team and family members enjoyed a barbecue lunch prior to the award ceremony. The awards are as follows:

Claybreakers awards 2019 ceremony results:
All team members received end of the year awards along with state finals awards in both varsity and junior varsity. All team members received their Lassen varsity and JV letters.

Most improved JV award went to Kat Baldwin.

Most improved award varsity went to Keegan Divine.

Most dedicated JV was a tie between Kat Baldwin and Rylan Pickens with 54 practices each.

They settled it with a shoot off and Pickens was the winner.

Most dedicated varsity awards went to Wyatt Gould with 60 practices and Bailey Spalding with 53 practices.

For the series, the JV shot 3,462 out of 4,000 targets and the varsity team shot 3,761 of 4,000 targets.

The Top Gun award for JV went to first place and JV team captain Will Pickens with 726 out of 800 targets and second place with 722 out of 800 was Aidan Adams.

Top Gun for varsity was Caleb Montgomery with 781 targets and second place was varsity team captain Tyler Johnson with 768 targets.

Top Gun award for JV girls in first place went to Alexis Pickens with 671 targets while second place was Baldwin with 622 out of a possible 800 targets Top Gun award for varsity girls went to first place Kendahl Loflin hitting 725 targets and in second place Bailey Spalding with 717 out of 800 targets.

All top gun first place shooters received beautiful silver buckles.

Team captain Junior Varsity Will Pickens received a captain’s trophy.

Varsity team captain Johnson, who was the 2017 Junior Varsity captain, received a silver buckle.

Team moms who went above and beyond were Terrie Loflin for her Claws and Paws Shootout fundraiser and to Melissa Smith for her gun and quilt raffle; they were awarded commemorative team plaques.