AMAC CEO Rebecca Weber: Our goal is ‘to make our nation stronger’

AMAC Action is the senior advocacy initiative established by the Association of Mature American Citizens to enable its members – and all of America’s seniors – to have a voice in national and local political issues.

AMAC’s CEO Rebecca Weber points out that “this land is our land” and we have an obligation to ensure the future for our next generations. Recently, she reports, 1,877 AMAC members took part in a campaign in Ohio to stop Governor Mike Dewine from blocking a bill that would protect gender-affirming care for trans youth and prevent transgender athletes from playing in women’s sports. In the end, the Ohio House voted 65-28 and the Senate voted 24-8 to override DeWine’s veto.

“It was a win for parents and their children, providing them with the means to protect themselves against radical leftist efforts to promote transgender initiatives,” Weber noted.

Similarly, AMAC Action initiated an effort to aid the large numbers of college women who find themselves pregnant.

Weber explains “It is estimated that as many as 50 percent of young college women have unexpected pregnancies and many of them are often unaware of the protections that currently exist in the law. Thus, they rush to terminate pregnancies due to academic pressure and a fear that they’ll lose scholarships. It’s an issue that prompted AMAC Action to promote passage of the Pregnant Students’ Rights Act, H.R. 6914, a pro-life piece of legislation that passed in the House of Representatives in January. It was a great win for expectant mothers attending colleges and universities, a great win for their unborn children, and a great win for the sanctity of life.”

Weber explains that nearly a third of abortions in the U.S. are performed on college-aged women and often they are not aware of the protections that currently exist in the law.

“This bill simply requires universities to provide information about the rights of pregnant students at the start of each period of study via email and in orientation packets,” Weber said.

She points out that these efforts are part of the association’s stated objectives.

As she put it, “We strive to make our nation stronger. Thus, our goals are simple and direct: the promotion of free, fair, and secure elections, the defense of our constitutional freedoms and our rights as Americans, and the protection of every human life, from the unborn to the elderly.”