AMAC names Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as 2022 Man of the Year

Americans continue to relocate to Florida in record numbers. The sun and fun of the sunshine state has a lot to do with it but don’t discount the attraction of the state’s governor, Ron DeSantis. He’s just as popular across the country as he is in his own state. Governor DeSantis was the pick for the Association of Mature American Citizens’ 2022 Man of the Year for the majority of the voters of its 2.4 million members, according to AMAC’s CEO Rebecca Weber.

“Once again they showed their preference for leaders who stand up for America’s Constitutional ideals,” Weber said. “He is a huge proponent of election integrity. He signed legislation into law in 2022 that establishes an Office of Election Crimes and Security within the Florida Department of State. He is a dedicated proponent of ID requirements for absentee vote-by-mail ballots. He signed a sweeping voting bill establishing a new election police force and created harsher penalties for ballot harvesting and instituted deterrences to non-citizen voting.”

One Man-of-the-Year voter said, “DeSantis is no-nonsense.  He is a doer.  He has been on offense every single day taking actions to push back and make substantive changes to move Florida back towards the ideals this country was founded on. Easy No. 1 choice.”

Another voter said he “chose DeSantis because he has all around been a great representative of conservatism on many fronts.”

Other AMAC members who participated in the voting said they liked the way he handles issues such as the bill he supported that targets the teaching of Critical Race Theory in Florida’s public K-12 schools and CRT instruction in the workplace.

The bill passed the legislature and was signed into law by DeSantis in 2022. Others cited his parental rights legislation and the way he dealt with the Walt Disney Company’s “woke” policies, which wound up getting the company’s head of corporate affairs fired.

As one participant in the poll put it, “I admire DeSantis because he stands up to all the woke idiot companies and the backwards way of thinking! He’s a man with a backbone who does the right thing for the people.”