AMAC reporter says ‘the media controls the Democrat Party … sets the agenda’

“I think the media is totally calling the shots of the Biden administration. I used to think that the Democrats controlled the media. Now. I think the media controls the Democrat party; the media sets the agenda. And in return, the media will also cover for the Democrat party and that includes the Biden crime family.” So said veteran news reporter Grant Stinchfield, Real America’s Voice host of Stinchfield Tonighton the streaming cable and satellite television channel, in an interview with Rebecca Weber, CEO of the Association of Mature American Citizens and the anchor of AMAC’s Better For America podcast.

He went on to reveal that “an informant (came) forward in 2020, before the election, giving the FBI all kinds of information, (including) evidence of Biden family corruption.  And apparently, according to my colleague, John Solomon, IRS agents investigating Hunter Biden’s crimes told them to stand down.  Now it’s come out that Peter Schweitzer, who wrote the book, Clinton Cash, has been at the forefront of investigating and thinks he’s the informant.  He was researching a book on the Bidens and he had all this evidence and came forward to the FBI and they basically shut him down.”

Meanwhile, Stinchfield noted that Attorney General Merrick Garland was pressured when he appeared before the House Judiciary Committee recently, noting that his “questioning was so poignant it put him on the spot. It is a purposeful blindness on behalf of the Justice Department when it comes to anything Democrat-related or Biden related.  So, they turn a blind eye to everything going on and then, of course, they focus in on Republicans.  And I think that became clear just how willfully blind the Justice Department is to what’s going on with the Biden administration.  There is so much evidence that there was money, millions of dollars, 20 million, flowing through all kinds of shell companies back to at least nine Biden family members from China, Russia, Bulgaria, Romania, all of these places, and to have the media and the Justice Department turning a blind eye to it tells me that our system is now so corrupt.  The only way it changes, in my opinion, is if we get President Trump back in office.”

And then Weber brought up Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.  He survived impeachment last month. He was acquitted on all 16 charges by the Texas Senate.  But many who followed that impeachment believed it was a sham from the start.  We’ve seen sham impeachment proceedings at the national level involving Trump, but to see this occur in a solid red state such as Texas was an eye-opener.

As Stinchfield explained it, “When you look at them targeting President Trump, and then you look at them targeting Ken Paxton, and anyone surrounding President Trump and consulted with during the election, I mean, they just want to persecute.  It’s literally a political persecution.  The dirty secret of Texas is that its state house has long been controlled by Democrats.  And what happens is Rhino Republicans, Republicans in name only, (get elected) but these squishy Republicans aren’t committed to conservative values. They see that there’s an R on their name and send them down to Austin and then those Rhinos make deals with Democrats.”