Anderson City Councilmember Susie Baugh, former Shasta County Supervisor Les Baugh endorse Hadwick

Heather Hadwick announces endorsements from Anderson City Councilmember Susie Baugh and former Shasta County Supervisor Les Baugh. In a joint statement, Les and Susie Baugh expressed their support for Hadwick, highlighting her conservative values and commitment to serving the North State.

“We endorse Heather Hadwick for State Assembly. Some run for public office for the power or for the spotlight. Susie and I chose Heather because she has the heart to serve our conservative North State. She is pro-public safety, pro-second amendment, pro-parental rights, pro-life, and pro-faith. Her public service comes with a true heart to love and serve others. We were greatly moved as she shared her personal testimony.”

“Les and Susie Baugh have tirelessly served their communities, always working to make the North State a better place to live. I am thankful to have received their endorsement, and will work hard to protect our community values,” said Hadwick.

Hadwick’s campaign continues to gain momentum as local leaders like Les and Susie Baugh add their names to a growing coalition of support across the district.

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