The Lassen High School drill team poses for the final formation of one of 18 routines performed at the Grizzliette Show Friday, May 4. The 2018 Grizzliette three-year members include captain Allison Harr, captain Maleah Wolcott, Layne Jones and Sophia Meraz. Two-year members include captain Jade Wilson Young, Kelsea Chedwick, Ashlyn Clark, Gracie Claypool and Hailey Gregor. First-year members include Na Tasja Allen, Shelby Anderson, Molly Bettencourt, Julia Bias, Callista Carlton, Taylor Greer, Grace Heimbigner, Paige Henry, Megan Hitchcock, Jaycee Johnson, Eden League, Alice Li, Kaylee McGuire, Hailey Moore, Madison Nye, Brynn Speers, Grace Tyler and Madisen Wallace. Photo by Ashley Grogan

Annual Lassen High Grizzliette Show dazzles audience

The Grizzliettes leap into the air during one of many basketball season routines of the Grizzliette Show at Lassen High School Friday, May 4. Routines at the annual Grizzliette Show included three camp dances, 11 dances performed either during football or basketball season and four class routines. Photo by Ashley Grogan
Sophia Meraz leads the girls in a shimmy during one of the basketball routines during the Grizzliette Show Friday, May 4. Photo by Ashley Grogan
The Lassen High School drill team poses midway through one of the many football routines performed at the Grizzliette Show. Photo by Ashley Grogan

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