Annual leaf collection program ends Dec. 11

The city’s annual leaf collection program is nearing its end this season, with bagged leaves being accepted through Dec. 11.

Residents looking to tidy up their yards and dispose of the green waste can leave their securely-tied, bagged leaves at the vacant lot on Skyline Road at Numa Road through Dec. 11. The area is marked with tape and barricades and the bags may not weigh more than 40 pounds.

Only bagged leaves are permitted.

The bags are transported to the California Correctional Center, opened, and spread out in agricultural fields by the inmates. Bags that contain items other than leaves create a security risk for CCC, city officials said.

“This free leaf program is in jeopardy if citizens continue to drop bags that contain items other than leaves. Please help us to continue this program by making sure that only leaves are delivered to the drop off site,” read the city’s November newsletter.

This program is available through donations by C&S Waste Solutions and the California Correctional Center.

Those seeking assistance, including those who are handicapped and/ or the elderly can call (530) 257-1041 to arrange a pickup of already bagged leaves.