Appreciation for efforts during and after the Whaleback Fire

The Lassen College Foundation, Inc., the holder of Special Use Permit #ELA105201 for the concession operations of the Eagle Lake Marina and Campgrounds, would like to thank and express our sincere appreciation for you, and your staff’s, attention and support during and after the Whaleback Fire.

Throughout the course of this incident, our staff at Eagle Lake received outstanding support from the Eagle Lake District and Lassen National Forest personnel, but we wish to highlight specific examples that exemplify that support.

Mike Cone, LNF Law Enforcement, provided calm and professional assistance to many of the camping customers in their effort to evacuate the campgrounds quickly. He then assisted our Campgrounds Manager with moving trailers and equipment, specifically the Lassen County Sheriff’s Office boats, trailers and equipment from the storage area to the Eagle Lake Marina parking lot.

Emmitt Richards, LNF Engineering, Water & Sewer, provided constant support throughout the incident to ensure the water and sewer systems were able to accommodate our staff, firefighters and water tenders, with and without electrical power, during the days, nights and weekends.

Kirsten Pasero, ELDR Range Specialist and Recreation Officer, coordinated our communications with the National Recreation Reservation Service, while our Campgrounds Manager did not have the ability to do so. Kirsten also advocated for our permit holder status throughout the incident, which helped facilitate the approval for our campground staff to move back to Eagle Lake and prepare for the reopening of the United States Forest Service facilities.

Carol Thornton, Eagle Lake District Ranger, was also instrumental in advocating for our Eagle Lake staff and our concerns as the permit holder for these USFS facilities. Adam Hill, LNF Patrol Captain, maintained daily communication to our staff, which was instrumental with our planning and decision making.

During the incident and after, the concern, commitment and communications from Kirsten, Carol and Adam, provided our staff the ability to focus on issues at the marina and campgrounds, and not have to attend meetings in order to advocate for our concerns. This experience, with these professional USFS personnel, enhances our commitment to the partnership that has been established between the Lassen College Foundation and the Lassen National Forest.

We will not know the total loss of revenue we have experienced from the Whaleback Fire until we close the books on this year. That loss will affect our ability to fund scholarships for the next year, but the scholarships we do fund, will be due to the USFS concessions permit we gratefully operate.

Thank you for your leadership, during this incident and beyond. We look forward to the continuing success of our special relationship with you and the Lassen National Forest.