Art show for adult literacy program

The Lassen Library District is beginning a new program to improve the adult literacy levels in Lassen County.

As a kick off for the program, the library is holding an art show for the promotion of literacy. The show is open to all artists residing in Lassen County who wish to participate; entries are due at the library by Nov. 10 at 5 p.m.

The art show will take place at the Lassen Library, which is located at 1618 Main St., on Nov. 17, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

Before the art show begins, there will be a presentation on “Literacy for our Community” at 6 p.m. that will talk about the importance of adult literacy in the 21st Century, to have the ability to build a successful life, being literate means reading, writing, and being proficient at math, technology, and knowing how to solve problems and make decisions.

The program will be teaching and improving literacy in the adults of Lassen County in the subjects of reading, writing, digital, mathematics, science, finances and life skills. They are hoping to improve the skills that the adult population holds in order to help them not only in the work force, but also in their everyday lives.

The art show is looking for any 2D artwork that shows the “artist’s vision of literacy.” The submission to the art show can reflect any of the categories that the Literacy Program will be focusing on.

The library runs many programs to benefit the community and to improve reading skills and education. Some of these programs include their summer reading program, early learning program, GED testing, and story times. These programs provide opportunities for families and people of all ages to improve their education and reading abilities in a relaxed, accessible environment.

The Lassen Library District encourages all residents of Lassen County to come to the show, not only to see the talent of local artists of all ages, but also to support the improvement of the community through literacy.