Asking LaMalfa to protect peacebuilding programs

As Congress is working on the budget for the next fiscal year, I urge Congressman LaMalfa to remember the benefits of stopping the next war or famine today through diplomacy and assistance to our less fortunate international neighbors.

Peace building through the U.S. State Department programs: the Atrocities Prevention Program, the Complex Crisis Fund and the Reconciliation Program are a wise investment. These programs promote self-governing before conflicts erupt in global hot spots. This could lead to long-term savings in taxpayer dollars, not to mention saving human lives. It is the United State being the good neighbor we all would like to be.

As Benjamin Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” In preventing violent conflict and famine, peace-building investments are worth the small costs.

We would all like to leave future generations a legacy of a more peaceful world to inherit. I believe these funds are a step toward this future.
Congressman LaMalfa: Please contact your colleagues on the State, Foreign Operations and Related Programs subcommittee and ask that they protect these peacebuilding programs from budget cuts in the coming days.