Assemblywoman Dahle secures $7 million for Greenville to help rebuild community devastated by Dixie Fire

Today, Thursday, Sept. 8, 2022 Assemblywoman Megan Dahle announced she successfully secured $7 million for the community of Greenville, which experienced overwhelming devastation in the 2021 Dixie Fire.

While funding through insurance, disaster assistance and legal settlements is helping Plumas County and its residents recover, the Community Services District faces severe financial challenges in rebuilding and operating its system while it has lost a substantial share of its rate-paying customers in the short run. A reliable water and sewer system is a necessity in order for rebuilding to begin.

“The North State has been hit hard by wildfires,” Dahle said. “Our communities have experienced some of California’s most devastating fires and seen entire communities destroyed. After relocating, some residents have even lost homes multiple times. As your assemblywoman, I am proud to advocate on your behalf on important issues like wildfire recovery. The residents of Greenville and all Californians deserve leaders who work to rebuild wildfire-stricken communities as well as fight for critical forest management funding to prevent catastrophic loss. This funding comes in the wake of yet another devastating fire season in the 1st Assembly District. Like Greenville, Weed and other hard-hit communities will need similar support in next year’s budget cycle. I am deeply grateful to all who helped make this possible and to the current administration for recognizing the importance this funding will have on the constituents of the 1st Assembly District.”

Adam Cox, Contract General Manager for Indian Valley Community Services District said, “Indian Valley Community Services District is incredibly grateful for the long-term investment in our community this allocation represents. Assemblywoman Dahle’s determination to provide meaningful funding for our critical infrastructure will be remembered with every cup of clean water our residents drink and each time our fire department provides lifesaving care. We are grateful and ready to rebuild.”

The $7 million allocated to the community of Greenville, authorized by the Newsom Administration, will assist with the rebuilding of the water and sewer systems, the foundations of any modern community.