Beckwourth Complex not expected to move outside of its current perimeter

The Beckwourth Complex is not expected to move outside its current perimeter, officials said Tuesday morning.

As of Tuesday, the fire was 105,348 acres and is 88 percent contained.

Crews are finding and extinguishing pockets of lingering heat that are within 100 to 300 feet—depending on terrain—from the containment line. As the fire is increasingly contained, crews, equipment, and other resources are being reassigned to other incidents or returning to their home units for rest between mobilizations.

Widespread smoke from the Dixie Fire continues to affect Susanville. A group of initial-attack firefighters is prepositioned on the west side of the fire, allowing for a rapid response to new fires. Last evening, night-shift firefighters quickly mobilized and contained a new lightning-caused fire west of the Beckwourth Complex. In areas where the fire is contained, crews and equipment have begun fire-suppression repair work.

The Sugar Fire within the Beckwourth Complex is remaining within its perimeter of over 60 miles of containment lines. Occasional smoke may be visible as unburned vegetation well within the perimeter smolders. Firefighters continue to monitor and patrol the entire fire perimeter.

The Beckwourth Complex is comprised of the Dotta Fire and the Sugar Fire.  The Dotta Fire was ignited by lightning on June 30 near Dotta Canyon on the Beckwourth Ranger District of the Plumas National Forest.  On July 2, the Sugar Fire started by lightning west of Sugarloaf Peak.  These two fires are being managed as one incident, which is also called a complex.