Biden Justice Department refuses to protect Supreme Court justices 

Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today issued the following statement in response toa No. 4 illegal demonstration outside of Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s home in Falls Church, Virginia.

“It is against the law to attempt to intimidate Supreme Court justices and Joe Biden’s Justice Department continues to refuse to enforce the law against those who have engaged in non-stop harassment for the past three months.  President Biden has made a big deal out of ‘political violence’ yet his administration not only refuses to enforce the law to protect Justices from these on-going threats, but condone them.  When the GOP controls Congress, they must compel the attorney general to enforce the law, even when it involves the radical left which fuels the Democratic Party.

“America matters, and Joe Biden is right when he says this election is about the soul of our nation.  Under Biden equal protection under law has been obliterated.  That is un-American and anti-democratic. Americans vote tomorrow and they will determine if they want the blindfold reinstalled on Lady Justice or if they want to turn her into an avenging angel acting on behalf of whatever faction takes control at any given time as we have seen under Joe Biden’s wayward leadership.

“To every American vote.  The soul of our country is at stake and your right to equal treatment of the law is on the chopping block if those currently holding power are not reined in.”