Biden’s State of the Onion 

There was plenty of soupy patriotism in both the president’s speech and Republican Governor Kim Reynolds’ response, but plenty of Mardi Gras voodoo also.

Biden said there will be “no foreign-made products” used on new federal infrastructure projects. He added, “all of it” will be made in America. Such a command over both the federal bureaucracy and American business practices the President has, and our silly, believing minds too!

Reynolds tip-toed through the tulips of a soft-shoe Republican agenda without ever coming close to mentioning the one, and perhaps only, real Republican platform plank — protect big money at all costs.

She spoke about a “pro-parent, pro-family” revolution, but how does that revolution gain power without boosting family economic strength and loosening the noose of the financial industry over their lives?

And as for Ukraine, a wartime platitude record was surely shattered with all the positive prophecies about the outcome of Putin’s advances. Tell that to the dead and dying.

Kimball Shinkoskey
Woods Cross, Utah