Biden’s war hypocrisy

 In case you didn’t hear, Jon Stewart melted down on “The Daily Show” saying he’s had it with Joe Biden’s war hypocrisy.

Stewart, however, didn’t drill down far enough to get to the religious roots of America’s softness on Israel in Gaza vs. its toughness on Russia in Ukraine.

For Joe Biden, Israel’s decimation of Palestinians in Gaza is a twofer. It gives him great satisfaction for Christian America to support Jewish Israel.

After all, The Hebrew Bible/Old Testament and New Testament are joined at the hip.

It gives Biden equally great satisfaction to show indifference toward the tens of thousands of Muslim civilians killed in Gaza because hardly anybody reads the Quran and votes in America.

Biden’s satisfaction doesn’t even begin to diminish, nor does that of any of his many pro-Israel-war pals in Congress, until his warbucks-for-Israel program starts affecting everybody’s re-election chances with Christian voters.

Kimball Shinkoskey, Woods Cross, UItah