Big Valley Groundwater Basin Advisory Committee hosts public hearing

Big Valley Groundwater Basin Advisory Committee holds a public hearing at 4 p.m. Wednesday, July 1 at the Adin Community Center, 605 Highway 299 in Adin.

Public participation is offered in person and via webinar or conference call.

To register go to

or call in (listen-only-mode) at (415) 655-0060, access code: 709 908 359#] .


What is the Big Valley Groundwater Basin Advisory Committee?

The BVAC is the committee formed through a memorandum of understanding to advise the

Lassen and Modoc Groundwater Sustainability Agencies during development of the

Groundwater Sustainability Plan.


What is a Groundwater Sustainability Plan? 

A GSP is a planning document required by the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act, a set of laws passed in 2014. A GSP is a detailed plan for how a groundwater basin will reach long-term sustainability. It establishes a groundwater budget, minimum thresholds, and management actions to achieve sustainability.


Who is developing the GSP in Big Valley? 

Lassen and Modoc counties have agreed to serve as the GSAs for their respective portions of the Big Valley Groundwater Basin. The GSAs have agreed to work collaboratively to develop a single GSP for the entire BVGB as required by SGMA. The BVAC has been established by the GSAs to help guide the process.

All BVAC meetings will be open to the public and public comment on the GSP development will be heard at each BVAC meeting.

Public comment received prior to each meeting will also be presented to the BVAC members.


Big Valley Groundwater Basin 

If you would like more information or want to be included on the interested parties list for the

Big Valley Basin, visit the GSP website at  or call the GSAs directly at 251-8269, Lassen County, and ) 233-6201, Modoc County.