Susanville locals Derek Dennis and Brandon Vinson pose for a photo after completing the 10K at the Bizz Johnson Marathon Sunday, Oct. 13.

Bizz Johnson Marathon draws hundreds

Saturday, Oct. 12 and Sunday Oct. 13 saw athletes locally and from around the country come to Lassen County to run in the annual Bizz Johonson Marathon. The marathon now in its 10th year has led runners through the scenic and tough terrain of the Susan River Canyon that follows the Bizz Johnson Trail.

The Saturday event was the Express Half Marathon that started the runners at the Goumaz Trailhead and finished at Hobo Camp. Sunday, Oct. 13 saw the 10K and Half Marathon that both started at the Railroad Depot and finished at the Hobo Camp Trailhead. The full Marathon and 50K began near Westwood at the Mason Station Trailhead and finished at Hobo Camp.

The results for the top five in each category are as follows.

Express half marathon
Aaron Tucker of Alturas, California took first place in 1 hour, 26 minutes and 23 seconds. Conan Porter, of Reno, Nevada, took second place in 1:30:32.
Jacob Wahler, of Shingletown, California, finished third in 1:32:06. Keith Miller, of Eugene, Oregon, finished fourth in 1:33:37, and Ulrike Savage, of Sacramento, California finished fifth in 1:36:46.

Dylon Solomon, of Reno, Nevada, finished first in 40 minutes and 44 seconds. Matthew Metlitz, of Menlo Park, California, finished second in 46:06.
Locals Brandon Vinson took third in 46:44 while Derek Dennis finished fourth in 47:09. Kendra Solomon, of Reno, Nevada finished fifth in 53:41.

Half Marathon
Dan Wallis of Reno, Nevada took first place in 1:38:31. Jon Oldham, of Redding, California, finished second in 1:39:04.
Michael Buzbee, of Yuba City, finished third in 1:55:56. Vladimir Gusiatnikov of San Fracisco, California took fourth in 1:56:25, and Kevin Allison, of Sparks, finished fifth in 1:57:05.

Full Marathon
Brian Solomon, of Reno, Nevada, finished first in 2:58:27. Ryan Peel, of Reno, finished second in 3:01:38.
Jake Cunningham, of Walnut Creek, California, finished third in 3:12:17. Andrew Velazquez, of San Francisco, California, finished fourth in 3:16:39 and Ashley Hall, of Reno, took fifth in 3:37:50.

Carr Rieger, of Chester, finished first in 4:04:50. Colby Bass, of Chico, California, finished second in 4:22:42.
Margie Mathewson, of San Francisco, California, finished third in 4:39:14. Chuck Coxe, of Sparks, Nevada, finished fourth in 4:39:55, and Chris Doolittle, of Pasadena, California, finished fifth in 4:48:00.